Twin Rocks offers a variety of courses for schools to utilize during their program. Each class was developed by a Twin Rocks education specialist to meet Oregon’s science standards and provide students with unique, hands-on experiences. Schools can choose from Twin Rocks curriculum or their own resources, to create a learning experience that fits their needs.

Outdoor School Classes

Most Outdoor School programs at Twin Rocks choose 2-4 class slots per day, depending on the length of classes and other activities incorporated throughout the day. A number of sample schedules are included that can be used as a guide for planning your Outdoor School experience, and a Twin Rocks specialist is available to help with the preplanning process.


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Staffing Outdoor School

Twin Rocks partners with schools to provide solid instruction for all of the classes we offer through our programs; each class comes with lesson plans, materials, and resources to equip teachers and volunteers to lead a class session successfully. A Twin Rocks specialist can be requested to lead a class on any of the offered topics. Some classes must be taught by a Twin Rocks specialist.


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Learning groups and Schedules

When planning for Outdoor School classes it is important to know how many students will be in a learning group and how many groups will be required to accommodate that number.  Once groups sizes and the number of classes has been determined, the next step is creating a rotation schedule to ensure each student has the opportunity to participate in all of the classes.


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