• What does a “typical day” look like at Twin Rocks Outdoor School?
    • While it is hard to say that there is such a thing as a “typical” day at Outdoor School, it is certain that each day will be packed full of laughter and learning.  Please click the link to learn more about what takes place at a typical day of Outdoor School at Twin Rocks.  LEARN MORE
  • Where are you located?
    • We are located on the Oregon Coast near the town of Rockaway Beach Oregon.
  • How do we select volunteers for counselors and chaperones?
    • When selecting volunteers it is important to contact your local school district to get guidelines and requirements for volunteers and chaperones. Standard practice, and Twin Rocks recommendation, is that all adult volunteers and chaperones have state background checks completed before departing for camp.  LEARN MORE
  • What Special diets can you accommodate?
    • Twin Rocks offers a number of options including: non-celiac gluten free allergies, dairy allergies, nut allergies, diabetic, vegetarian, and vegan.  Please read more for specific details and exceptions. SPECIAL DIET OPTIONS
  • Do you have a handbook to help me plan Outdoor School?
    • Yes, here is a link to our Outdoor School Resource Guide. CLICK HERE
  • Do you have accommodations to assist those affected by disabilities?
    • Yes, each of our housing areas has at least one ADA-compliant cabin.  A number of restroom and meeting spaces throughout camp are accessible. 

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